We’re still eating (plus, spices and herbs for baby!)

If I haven’t written about food much lately, it’s because we are too busy cooking it and eating it. Life sometimes feels like one big whirlwind of food preparation, and even I get sick of thinking about it! We have been carving away at our stores of goodies from last year’s farm season and have tragically finished our freezer meat, canned tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. We are down to just six lonely butternut squashes.

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A nap story

Do you ever obsess and obsess and obsess about something (like, I don’t know, diaper rash), and then, one day, it’s all resolved and not even an issue anymore?

Here’s the fascinating (or endless) story of Beatrice’s naps.

Just Born

For the first two weeks of her life, Beatrice was on the perfect textbook newborn sleep schedule: sleep for two hours, eat, get a fresh diaper. I could tell the time by where she was in her routine.


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How flat diapers saved my winter

This winter, I have spent more time in my pajamas than I would like to admit. And far too many moments counting down the seconds until my baby goes to sleep on a Tuesday night so I can finally watch last week’s Bachelor episode online. I am done with looking at the same books and the same toys in the same room all day every day. I struggle to form complete sentences when carrying on normal adult conversations. I want the snow to melt. I want the temperature to stay above 24 degrees. I miss the SUNSHINE.

The winter has not been a complete bust, however. Aside from the super rewarding luxury of being able to snuggle inside with my baby all day long (if only she would actually snuggle! or just rest!), I have learned something. I may have given up on stopping Beatrice from eating the carpet or her bandaid or yesterday’s lunch that is still on the floor where she dropped it, but at least I have conquered the flat diaper.

flat diaper
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Diaper rash solved, eczema conquered

You may recall the diaper rash saga that actually cost me my sanity a few months back …


… especially when the rash turned out not to be regular diaper rash or even yeast but, rather, ECZEMA. After I had spent two weeks slathering my poor, defenseless infant in drugstore anti-fungal cream on the pediatrician’s recommendation.


Well, I’m happy to say that after testing and adjusting and tweaking several recipes in my super scientific diaper rash cream lab, we have a winner! Continue reading!