Diaper rash solved, eczema conquered

You may recall the diaper rash saga that actually cost me my sanity a few months back …


… especially when the rash turned out not to be regular diaper rash or even yeast but, rather, ECZEMA. After I had spent two weeks slathering my poor, defenseless infant in drugstore anti-fungal cream on the pediatrician’s recommendation.


Well, I’m happy to say that after testing and adjusting and tweaking several recipes in my super scientific diaper rash cream lab, we have a winner! Continue reading!

What we’re eating

I have three exciting (for me) food updates today: the state of baby-led weaning, our local seafood adventures, and my new love of stuck-inside-all-day-thanks-to-four-feet-of-snow baking.

Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning powers on full-steam ahead, as I cannot take a bite of anything without my sweet sidekick begging to participate. I have started automatically preparing a mama and baby spread for every breakfast and lunch. She’s usually asleep for dinner, thank goodness! Here’s a sampling …
Continue reading!

Very sharp teeth, plus nursing must-haves

Before Beatrice was born, I had already made a few key decisions about how her development would unfold. I had worked with enough new parents and babies to know my preferences, which were as follows:

1. My baby would take a sloooowww and steady approach to solid food, meaning she would be a cuddly breastfeeding baby forever.

2. My baby would not crawl until at least eight or nine months. Preferably later. See reasoning in #1 above.

3. My baby would be a late teether, with the first tooth making its grand appearance somewhere around 14 months. Again, see #1.

My sense of control here was perhaps ill-advised, but I have always been determined. I figured I could make it happen.

I should have known better. Continue reading!

Cloth Diapering: the first 6 months

(aka My Love Affair with Cloth Diapers)

Cloth diapers make me SO happy.


Sometimes, I think Erik gets jealous of all the attention I pay our cloth diapers, but he is mostly on board with the enthusiasm. He holds the illustrious honor of having dressed Beatrice in her very first cloth diaper of all time when she was two days old. Continue reading!